Lullaby Africa

Lullaby Africa relieves trauma, empowers women and builds bonds through the generations in sub-Saharan Africa. 360 Integrated PR keeps the funds flowing.

Ugandan ladies receiving Lullaby Africa teaching in open air

360 integrated PR provides strategic planning for the charity’s communications and marketing.

The communications campaign has two linked objectives:

  • Raise income, through donations, events and grants
  • Foster links with larger charities who can use Lullaby Africa teaching in their own spheres of influence

We facilitate an annual marketing workshop to help trustees and volunteers focus on the charity’s future opportunities and to identify and overcome barriers to success. Following this workshop, we draft the charity’s five year vision and business plan.

At a tactical level, we project-managed a redesigned website in 2022 and keep this updated with fresh content.

  • We have helped Lullaby Africa use social media to promote events and publicise the charity’s activities in Africa.
  • We wrote and managed the build of the charity’s website.
  • We have helped Lullaby Africa to engage with other organisations involved with children in the countries and to find further academic connections to boost the scientific understanding of the team.
  • We have also advised on merchandise pricing and placement, which doubled the revenue raised from sales at fundraising events.

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