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    We help purpose-driven brands like yours thrive thanks to our focus on your goals, easy approach, and exceptional level of service.

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Case Studies

  • Parkside School

    Our branding, advertising and public relations campaign for Parkside School helped increase pupil numbers and create a consistent brand identity.

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  • Witcher Crawford

    In just over a year, we helped independent architects Witcher Crawford gain coverage mainstream consumer media and enhance its online profile

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  • packaging research graphic

    O-I ISVV packaging research

    We helped our client O-I’s scientific packaging research project achieve headlines in national and industry media and spark conversation around packaging materials.

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  • Good PR builds trust for long-term success

    Building trust involves transparent communications with a host of stakeholders. We help organisations with a social goal keep their focus, learn from their mistakes and navigate their way through the storms.

    Whether you are looking for a single project or a long-term partnership, 360 integrated PR brings creativity, clarity of thought and the vision to fuel your organisation’s financial, environmental and social success.

    360 integrated PR is Philip Tutt-Leppard, an accredited PR practitioner and Member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and the Public Relations and Communications Association (PRCA). Philip works alone or with a network of trusted associates to deliver the services required by his clients.

  • “360 has worked with O-I for many years and the team has never lost its enthusiasm or creativity. They have helped us win awards and develop our business, becoming an integral part of our UK operation in the process. Their knowledge of our business environment means that they are able to take on media projects with minimal briefing and deliver great results.”

    Paul McLavin, Marketing and New Business Development Leader, O-I UK

  • “360’s enthusiasm and expertise were instrumental in the successful launch of the project. They quickly got under the skin of the project and provided much-needed professionalism at a time when we were trying something completely new for the road safety community”

    Phil Palfrey, creator of Project Pictogram

  • “Without question, 360 has contributed to our growth and profile. They have been consistent, innovative and thorough and on top of that they are really nice people to deal with.”

    Angela Ballantine, Financial Controller, Bradbury’s

  • “360 integrated PR has helped transform our business image. Their approach to work is always highly professional. I would have no hesitation recommending 360’s services.”

    Stafford Whitby, managing director, Drummonds

  • “Working with you was a great experience for me. It has never been that easy to create new editorial content before.”

    Director, European packaging machinery manufacturer

  • “Last week, we had our must successful sales week for three years. The campaign is definitely bringing people in.”

    Companion Nathan at the Emmaus Hampshire Eastleigh store

  • “Thank you for all the hard work the team have carried out to project us into the media spot light.”

    Richard Witcher, Partner, Witcher Crawford

  • “360 are are passionate about what they do, absorb themselves in your business in the most genuine and commited way and achieve fantastic results. I can’t recommend them enough.”

    Ruth Johnson, Practice Manager, City Bridge Dental, Winchester

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    Is it right to reject clients on moral grounds?

    Just how far should we impose our own moral standards on our clients? It’s a business decision which has profound spiritual, moral and legal implications. In his 2022 Reith lecture on freedom of worship, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams finds a moral distinction between an individual being forced to do something and  that same […]

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  • long table with people facing audience at COP27

    Media weighs up COP27

    Media reaction to the end of COP27 was interesting for the divergent tone of different outlets. Several – notably the Guardian and FT – highlighted the failure of the conference delegates to agree to fade out the use of fossil fuels. The strength of the oil producing lobby was seen as a major stumbling block […]

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    Is it worth trying to create an iconic brand?

    Iconic. It’s one of the most abused words in the English language. Particularly by marketers. Is it worth setting out to create an ‘iconic brand’ or does it just happen if you get the rest of your marketing right? Iconic beer of Italy? Birra Moretti is that latest brand to say it sees itself as […]

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