Community engagement

The only way to make a better business is to bring all your stakeholders with you, to embed the change throughout the organisation.

360 Integrated PR offers a range of services to engage your communities. We listen, we propose, we act.

Whether you need to gain consensus or inspire change amongst your employees, customers, senior management team or any other stakeholder group, we conduct:

  • focus group research
  • one to one interviews
  • public consultation
  • employee consultation workshops

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At board level, Philip also acts as your consultant ESG activist and reputational guardian to help companies make better decisions. He is the man in the white hat, your eminence blanc.

Do you need an eminence blanc behind the scenes?

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Humour is a great way to release tension, make memorable ideas, build trust and rapport and enhance resilience.

Use it well and humour can be your greatest business ally.

Philip is a writer and performer. He offers:

  • Improv workshops – unleash your hidden creativity and build a culture of collaboration
  • Scripts and sketches – enliven your sales conferences, internal briefings, awards evenings
  • Stand-up comedy training – improve your presentation skills

We don’t need to take ourselves too seriously in order to grapple with serious things

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Whether your organisation is a multi-national, SME, start-up or charity, Philip Tutt’s public relations skills will help protect and enhance its reputation if you have a burning desire to improve society. Fill out the enquiry form below to see how Philip can help you…

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