Your reputation is your greatest asset

“My purpose is to create more thriving regenerative businesses by ethically communicating the good they do for people, planet and the future.”

The right strategy inspires better delivery

Communicating your environmental, societal and governance progress inspires investors, reassures customers, drives productivity and helps you recruit and retain the best staff.

You may use in-house or agency teams to deliver your marketing, positioning and promotional campaigns.

I make sure what goes into those campaigns is the best it can be. Because your reputation matters more than a short-term sales boost.

Communications Strategy

Do you believe brand advertising?

Figures out of 100. Source: Ipsos


When I trust the brand a great deal


When I distrust the brand a great deal

ESG communications are the future

But the journey is fraught with danger. That’s why businesses turn to 360 Integrated PR.

The 360 Manifesto

My personal journey.

360 Integrated PR is Philip Tutt-Leppard. Your personal PR consultant and ESG communications specialist.

PR has had a bad rap. I’m determined to put that right because communications is a force for good in business.

Meet Philip Tutt-Leppard

What Is Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) communications?

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