• Social Media Strategy


Our Social Media Strategy service is designed to give you the grounding and tactics you need to make channels work effectively for you.

This one-off service produces a written strategy for your social media channels. To form your strategy, we will meet with you to find out what you need from social media, what you hope to achieve and the resource you have available. Once your strategy has been created, we will then meet with you to talk you through how your strategy works in practice.

All of our strategies are completely bespoke and tailored to your organisation based on your business aims, target audiences, industry and the resource and budget available. This means we only recommend tactics we believe will work for you, helping ensure your channels have the direction, consistency and good content needed to be successful. This service is suitable for those at the onset of creating new channels or those looking to overhaul established channels.

All of our social media strategies include:

•  Channel choice recommendations
•  A breakdown of channel aims – The purpose of each of your channels from a communications perspective
•  Tone and style guidelines – tailored to your brand personality
•  Social media best practice and ‘do’s and don’ts’
•  Recommended content
•  A guide to interacting as your page and creating engagement
•  Online networking recommendations
•  Maintenance instructions – Including how often each channel should be updated
•  Additional tips and tricks to increase your post reach and optimise your social media use

If you are interested in ongoing support after receiving your social media strategy, you might be interested in our flexible Social Media Consultation service.

If you already have a solid social media strategy but would like to make your channels more effective, why not check out our Social Media Audit service?