• Social Media Audit

Our 360° Social Media Audit is designed for organisations who want to improve their established social media channels and push them on to a higher level of effectiveness.

This service takes an in-depth look at your social media channels, reviewing the profile look, content posted and the way your channels are maintained. We keep your business aims at the top of our agenda, so our audits also look at your social media use from a strategic point of view. We analyse how effectively the channels promote the organisation, whether the content you are posting is achieving your business aims and whether the dialogue with the target audience is likely to enhance or damage your reputation.

Our audit reviews the following areas:

•  Content – Is your content effective, engaging, relevant?
•  Content strategy – Does the content you post work towards your business aims?
•  Profile look– Is your profile effective visually and contain all appropriate information?
•  Channel choice – Are you on the right social media channels?

As part of our analysis, we will consider:

•  Messaging – Are the captions accompanying your content effective?
•  Engagement levels – Are your posts engaging? Which ones do well and not so well?
•  Tone – Does this reflect your brand values and culture? Does it represent your company in a positive light?
•  Post presentation – Are your posts as visually appealing and effective as possible?
•  Maintenance – Is the channel regularly updated at appropriate intervals?
•  Channel problems – Are there any issues that need fixing?

The audit is given the form of a written report which clearly points out issues that need fixing. It suggests ways of optimising your social media technique and, most importantly, gives you an insight into how you can make your social media work more effectively for you.

This service provides an excellent starting point for organisations looking at reviewing their current performance or reforming their social media strategies.

Our audits are a self-contained service. However, if you are interested in building on the ideas contained in the audit, we offer both one-off and regular Social Media Consultancy sessions to suit all budgets. We can also produce bespoke Social Media Strategies for those looking to give their social media an overhaul.

We offer three levels of service:

Under 1,000 followers

One channel


£50 per additional channel

1,000 – 100,000 followers

One channel


£100 per additional channel

For channels over 100,000 followers:

We offer a negotiated audit for channels over 100,000 followers as the complexities of these will differ hugely from client to client.