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3 tips to help you define your business’ tone of voice

Whatever the size and nature of your business, defining your organisation’s tone of voice is essential to communicating effectively. Some do it brilliantly. Here in Winchester, for all his troubles, restaurateur Miff Kayam was a great communicator. Michelle Walker, who has recently moved on from her post as Director of Hat Fair, has also developed […]

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3 steps smart SMEs should take to prepare for Brexit

Nine months after the tightest referendum in UK political history (admittedly, we’ve only had three covering the whole kingdom) the government has invoked Article 50 and formally told its partners that the UK is to withdraw from the European Union. What should business do now? “Brexit? That’s just for big firms, it won’t affect me.” […]

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5 reasons Packaging Manufacturers should take pride in what they do

Too often, packaging gets a bad press. If you were to believe the headlines, you might think that packaging was the major cause of waste across the UK when it actually prevents more waste than it causes. According to WRAP, the waste and recycling charity, UK households produce 28 million tonnes of waste a year, […]

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6 tips to help business get the most out of regional media

I recently wrote quite a long piece about the changing face of regional media and whether print might have more of a future than we sometimes give it credit for. In the light of this, some readers have asked what they should bear in mind when considering local media from either an advertising or editorial […]

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Meeting PR students: the professionals of tomorrow

Whatever your profession, it’s one of life’s privileges to speak to the next generation of practitioners. I had my chance yesterday, when the PR Student committee at Southampton Solent University organised a ‘Meet the Professionals’ networking evening for us old stagers to share some experiences with marketing and PR students. As usual, the wildly diverse […]

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6 New Year’s Resolutions for businesses new to PR

Happy New Year! Are you filled with zeal to grow your business this year? Check out our list of necessary PR-related activities and initiatives to start your year on the right foot Prepare or review your business and communications plan The saying goes that you can do anything if you set your mind to it, […]

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PRs have a duty of care to protect other creatives’ Intellectual Property

One of the key assets of a PR person is enthusiasm for the client. Companies want consultants who will push them to the fore persuasively; someone else will always have another great story the journalist could cover instead. So, it’s understandable if sometimes that enthusiasm totters over into hyperbole. As news providers, we guard against […]

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Photo of the luxury Packaging Awards - one industry award

Five tips to help you win an industry award

Entering an industry award is a great way to improve relationships with all your stakeholders and boost employee engagement. However, the difference between winning and losing often depends on the quality of the entry. This blog gives five tips to help you craft award-winning entries. Follow the judges’ criteria We’re sorry to have to say […]

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