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Should my business use Twitter?

What is Twitter? Twitter is a microblogging platform where users can post web links images and messages in under 140 characters. Founded in 2006, Twitter has 313 million monthly active users and has quickly become home to media, celebrities and brands. Twitter is accessed through an account, which is referred to as a ‘handle’ and […]

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Private schools and crisis communications: a practical guide

Today, we look at crisis communications, especially as it applies to private schools. The latest issue of Archant’s A+ Education Guide dropped through our door yesterday. The mix of adverts, comment and profiles aims to help confused parents in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset, Wiltshire, Hampshire and Somerset make the best choice of private school for their […]

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360 integrated PR joins PRCA

360 integrated PR has joined the Public Relations and Communications Association. The PRCA is Europe’s largest and most influential PR and communications membership body. We have joined because we feel it is important to make public our commitment to standards, ethics and talent development. The PRCA provides the framework for us to do this. We look forward to […]

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Should my business have a Facebook Page?

What is Facebook? Established in 2004, Facebook is one of the biggest and most prolific social media channels with over 1.71 billion monthly users. (August 2017) The channel enables individuals to sign up for a personal profile using their real name from which they can post content to their own and their friends’ ‘wall’, interact […]

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Should my business have a Snapchat?

In the past few years, social media has become an essential communications tool for businesses who want to engage directly with their fans and potential customers. One of the questions we get asked all the time is ‘Should my business be on X social media channel?’. This question is more complex than it might first appear. […]

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A fresh look at the past sparks hope for British kitchens

When I started to think about this blog, it was the potential trials and tribulations that Brexit might bring to the British kitchens industry that I mused upon at first. That was before I picked up a discarded copy of the Süddeutsche Zeitung at Munich Airport on 13 July and was greeted by the news […]

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Are we witnessing the slow death of CSR?

A few years ago, businesses were falling over themselves to add Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities to their portfolio. CSR reports became a common adjunct to the corporate financial reports companies produced. Yet the antecedents of modern CSR lay further back than people might suspect. Katsoulakos et al (2004)[1] commented on the 18th century philanthropists, […]

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Walkers Wave goodbye to Twitter selfies

Walkers Crisps has become the latest famous brand to suffer from the curse of Twitter. And, in the case of Walkers Wave, it’s self-inflicted. The concept sounded great. Tweet a selfie to Walkers Crisps and they’d post a video montage of Gary Lineker holding your portrait. However, what sounded a surefire winner was sabotaged by […]

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What is PR? A beginner’s guide to effective communications

We’ve been asked for a beginner’s guide, so here is a very quick introduction to public relations for SMEs. There is much misapprehension about PR – public relations. Often, we hear business owners saying, “We don’t do PR”. Yes, they do. The Chartered Institute of Public Relations defines PR like this: Public Relations is about […]

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