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Is social media really important to or useful for your business?

Social media has changed the communications landscape forever, offering businesses a means to distribute their own messages and content and interact directly with customers. With all the implicit power that comes with this, it can be tempting to believe that social media can be the solutions to all your communications woes. After all, social media […]

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Winchester at Christmas shows how shared values can improve city life

Places can have values. Marketing teams, charged with bringing shoppers and tourists into Britain’s regions, counties and cities, have long made claims for their particular locations – Glasgow Smiles Better, Incredinburgh. But values are different. They cannot be imposed by a snappy creative, they have to develop organically from within. Values are about recognising what […]

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What can PR professionals learn from 2017’s Christmas promotional campaigns?

Since the beginnings of commercial television, businesses have been using advertisements to capitalise on the Christmas holiday to promote themselves and their products. However, in the past ten years, the festive advertising landscape has transformed. Rather than just providing a vehicle to sell products or explicitly promote brand values or attributes, the fashion is for […]

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Should my business have a Houzz?

What is Houzz? Launched in 2009, Houzz is a burgeoning online community centred around architecture, interior design, decorating, landscape and home improvement. Unlike other home improvement websites such ‘House and Garden’ or ‘Grand Designs’, Houzz borrows elements from Pinterest, Facebook and traditional blogs to make a distinctive, house-focused social media website. Houzz has many features and […]

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Christmas Office Shut Down

We want our team to have a good break over Christmas and hope that you are taking some time to relax and reflect on the year just gone by and anticipate the year to come. So, the 360 integrated PR office will be closing from: 2.00 pm on Friday 22 December to 9.00 am on […]

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How to prepare for a media interview

A media interview can be a nerve-wracking experience for even the most experienced business people. However, confidence comes from careful preparation. The worst interviews generally occur when the interviewee is not comfortable because they have not prepared enough or are too confident in their own abilities, and feel they do not need to prepare. This […]

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Should your business have an Instagram account?

What is Instagram? Instagram is an image-based, photo-sharing social media platform. The platform allows users to upload photos and short videos, which can be altered with filters, annotations and emojiis. Launched in October 2010, Instagram rapidly rose in popularity and it is now the third biggest social media platform in the world. The platform was […]

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What to consider when a journalist wants an media interview

Many PR tips provide advice on whether to agree to media interviews during a reputational crisis, but fewer seem to answer the question as to whether you should accede to an interview request during the normal course of work. Many organisations receive requests from media contacts for interview or comment when they issue a news […]

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Reputation management means asking the difficult questions

Reputation, reputation, reputation. Oh, I have lost my reputation! (Othello, Act 2, Scene 3). Some unusual things have been happening in business of late. Organisations which are not used to saying sorry have been saying sorry. The ‘disruptors’ have been learning that disruption can only go so far until society and individuals begin to kick […]

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