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home worker on conference call

Seven ways to improve employee communications in a hybrid workplace

Companies committed to employee communications want the best for their teams as well as their customers, the planet and investors. Covid has shown the advantage for businesses, people and the environment of working from home or remotely from the office. Yet the office is not dead. New hybrid work models are emerging. In this blog, […]

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Business needs a win:win mentality to tackle climate change

Winning has been all over the news lately. It’s an Olympic summer after all. And winning is integral to the way we talk about business. We win new business, win awards, beat the competition, smash our targets. But is ‘winning’ always a zero-sum game? I win means you lose. Some of the stories told at […]

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doors show value of PR consultant

Five reasons to hire a professional PR consultant for your growing business

Growing SMEs may think hiring a PR consultant is an unaffordable luxury. But there are many reasons why getting an outside perspective on your communications is not only helpful, but vital to the company’s continued success. An experienced and professional PR consultant (such as a member of the CIPR or PRCA) will do far more […]

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Brewdog bar at night

What can we learn from the staff open letter to Brewdog?

Last week’s open letter from (over) 60 former Brewdog employees was hard to read. It was heartfelt and generated a lot of supportive comment on social media. Brewdog’s co-founder James Watt responded originally by suggesting staff write a counter letter, before realising that addressing what they had to say might be a more profitable approach […]

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pr workshop poster

New PR workshop – How to craft a purposeful public relations plan

We are thrilled to launch our first online PR workshop. The first in what is destined to become a regular series. We start with “How to craft a purposeful public relations plan” on Thursday 8th July at 10 am. Each PR workshop lasts one and three quarter hours and features interactive teaching sessions and plenty […]

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picture of river with ESG written over it

Five questions to ask when communicating around ESG standards

Forget CSR, say the experts. The future of business communications is all about ESG. Investor relations professionals, private equity investors and fund managers are judging companies as much on their environmental, social and governance (ESG) standards as they are on financial performance. And what starts in investor relations inevitably draws in SMEs. In part that’s […]

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Brit Awards 2020 banner

360 proves Soundbite offers more than soundbites

We are thrilled to have helped reposition Winchester-based corporate events company Soundbite to develop fresh impetus following the doldrums of lockdown. As a supplier of audio-visual services, Soundbite had an internationally famous client list like Epsom Derby, The Brits and Philips as well as many regional and local companies. However, the corporate events industry was […]

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right wrong sign public relations ethics

Public Relations ethics – just more spin from the spin doctors?

The first line of the 360 integrated PR website states we provide “ethically-focused reputation management and public relations”. Ethical? How do we justify that? I have recently finished reading ‘Public Relations Ethics – The Real-World Guide’ by PR expert and academics Trevor Morris and Simon Goldsworthy. I also had the privilege to chair a CIPR […]

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caption about purpose-driven business on picture of river

Communications and management enhance purpose-driven business

I was asked recently how a purpose-driven business leader can ensure employees support his or her vision. Whether you are a corporate CEO or the owner-manager of an SME, you might feel you have done all you can to make your company purpose-driven. But it’s just not happening. You’re frustrated that your employees ‘don’t get […]

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