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nurses holding Christmas decorations

Blitz Your Christmas Baubles and support RHCH in Winchester

We all know Christmas 2020 will be different from the usual. Very few office parties for a start. For those in hospital over Christmas, it’s especially grim. That’s why 360 integrated PR is delighted to be able to support this campaign to brighten the Royal Hampshire County Hospital, organised by Winchester Magazine. Blitz your baubles […]

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line of people and charity partnership mascots

Three factors that make the perfect business charity partnership

Many businesses are looking for a charity partnership. In my last blog, I touched upon the benefits – culture, credibility and communications. I also added a few words of warning, which I’ve been asked to expand upon here. It’s not a ‘tick box’ exercise If I had a pound for every time I’ve heard the […]

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screen of company logos

Three reasons why business should engage with charities

A while ago, I was asked to appear in a Mountbatten Hampshire video to answer the question “Why should business engage with charities?”. You can see the video here: This blog expands on my response and adds several things to bear in mind should your business engage with charities. The reasons can be summed up […]

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360 integrated PR logo

Why 360 integrated PR?

It’s a good question. Why should you use an independent public relations practice called 360 integrated PR? It’s all in the name. First: 360. That harnesses the power of the circle. Circles facilitate discussion and consensus; a status-free environment in which every contribution is valued. Through the centuries and across many cultures, a circle has […]

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trees seen through spectacle lens

How clear communications will help business return from lockdown

It’s tentative, but the UK has set a course to return from lockdown. Everyone seems to agree how vital it will be for businesses to communicate clearly – to employees and customers – as people edge back to work following the Coronavirus lockdown. The derision, confusion and fear which has accompanied the UK government’s change […]

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Scrabble tiles spelling the word purpose

Covid-19 public relations advice points the way to a better future

One of the first pieces of public relations advice I ever received was ‘never let a crisis go to waste’. Yet, much of what I read about public relations and communication during the Covid-19 crisis strikes me as stating the bleedin’ obvious. I have struggled with blogs, LinkedIn posts and videos which exhort companies to […]

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PR training checklist

PR training for home workers and microbusinesses

360 integrated PR has launched a new programme of PR training courses designed for microbusinesses and having or choosing to work from home. The programme is for PR novices and can be delivered remotely via video conferencing on Microsoft Teams,Zoom or other platforms. It offers an introduction to a variety of PR and communications topics […]

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two people lecturing to audience

Sustainable packaging is not ‘business as usual’

Does the packaging industry fully understand its role in fighting the climate crisis with sustainable packaging? Not if my recent trip to the country’s biggest specialist trade exhibition, Packaging Innovations, is anything to go by. Far too many exhibitors still seemed to think that slapping the words ‘sustainable’ and ‘recyclable’ on their stand graphics meant […]

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