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BPA – a battle lost?

It’s been Silly Season in the media, which is why perhaps the plastics lobby has been able to persuade magazine to run a page in its August issue defending the industry over BPA (bisphenol A). Certainly, the article reads like a concerted campaign to deflect attention away from the potential health risks of using the […]

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Retailers’ sustainability code won’t bite the hand

I sense that new Code of Conduct on sustainability unfortunately confirms that the retail sector is still trying to have it both ways – persuade us that they are all in favour of the green agenda without actually doing anything which will cause consumers to change their behaviour (and consequently, just maybe, affect the retailers profits). […]

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How a road safety campaign effectively embraced social media

Following on from last week’s blog post on the power of social media, another excellent example has caught our eye. This short advert, created for (SSRP) to encourage people to always wear a seatbelt, has received over 260,000 hits on YouTube from a total of 89 countries – all this is just 2 weeks. The pulling […]

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Poster protest shows power of social media

Any doubts you may still have about the power of social media, such as Facebook, Bebo and Twitter, should be dispelled with the success of a recent online protest. Nearly 4,000 people joined a Facebook group to protest at billboard advertising for a dating service which encouraged extra-marital affairs. Over a very few days, they […]

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Recycling incentives are a real carrot – or potato

At last, recycling is to be encouraged not delivered under threat of criminality. George Osborne’s announcement took me back nearly 20 years, to when I was PR adviser to the first attempt to incentivise better recycling practice through supermarket vouchers. The scheme envisaged trailers in car parks, staffed by people endlessly sorting the rubbish shoppers […]

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Baby bottles and BPA controversy

Today’s news that 6 US baby bottle makers are finally to remove bisphenol A (BPA) from their plastic bottles is belated, but welcome, recognition of the widespread public concern about the effects of this chemical on infant health. While I declare an interest as the UK spokesman of the world’s leading glassmaker, I have to […]

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How far would you go to recycle?

Observer journalist, Andrew Purvis, investigates what happens to his used cans, bottles and paper when he puts them out for recycling. He caught up with our partner, Philip Tutt to discover where his glass bottles go. Click to read the full article, as published in The Observer on Sunday 25 January 2009.

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Is it time for the freelance team?

Looking at and talking to colleagues in larger consultancies, it’s clear that the pressure on in-house and agency teams is growing. Redundancies and recruitment freezes are everywhere just at the time when our clients need more advice and positive coverage than ever. Perhaps it’s time for bigger agencies to work more flexibly with their smaller […]

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A six-point plan for PR survival

We know businesses that market themselves through a recession come out stronger and faster, but only if that marketing is embraced by the audience and builds brand appeal. So, this year above all. Be honest with yourself; decide what makes your product or service stand out from the crowd. If you can’t think of anything, […]

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