• Media Relations

    We enrich the client’s relationships with the right media – earned, owned or paid for

We have the contacts, the media nous and the experience to create and implement the most effective media relations plans for our clients.

Building effective media relationships is integral to every campaign. At 360 integrated PR, that doesn’t mean sending out scores of unwanted press releases, but bridging the gap between client and journalist to ensure that both get what they need. One well-placed, crafted feature can have far greater impact on your reputation than a host of spiked pieces of PR puffery. This means journalists choose to give our clients a call, rather than a competitor, next time they want something.

This strategy means we need to be honest with our clients. If your story isn’t a story, we’ll tell you – in the nicest possible way. Because it’s not just your reputation on the line, it’s ours as well.

We also know how important it is to maintain a highly responsive press office operation. If a journalist wants a picture, we get it to them fast. If they need a quote, we’ll bust a gut to get them an answer before deadline. Like any relationship, you warm more to those people who help you out in a crisis.

In short, we tell our clients’ stories creatively, persuasively and honestly to develop media relations that help you get only the most constructive coverage.