• Integrated Communications

    Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned – we help you make the most of every channel

In our interconnected world, it is vital companies demonstrate integrated communications – paid, earned, shared and owned (PESO) channels which advance the company’s strategy harmoniously.

One of our proudest moments is when clients say of us “You’re not just a PR agency, you understand our needs as a business as well”. That’s why we get invited to chair and facilitate business analysis and brainstorming sessions.

Because we start from the basis of setting the business communications strategy, we are also aware of how this impacts on the client’s other communications: its advertising, direct marketing, product development, literature, website and design. As a result, we liaise closely with our clients’ marketing departments and other agencies to ensure all communications reflect and augment the PR strategy.

We provide the messaging for all your delivery partners and act as “brand guardians” to help get the best out of your existing agency relationships.

This works especially well for international businesses. One of our clients is an international packaging firm with PR agencies in seven European countries. We act as the lead agency, setting the message agenda, evaluating opportunities and monitoring output from each agency on behalf of the client.

We also provide great feature copy which each agency can then tweak to its own local needs and translate into its language for placement with the media. That way the company gets the best of both worlds, a clear corporate strategic platform and messaging with the local flavour to its communications which makes it popular with journalists. Contact us to find out more about how we can get the most from your communications networks.