• Employee Engagement

    We ensure clients and their most important asset understand one another

Your employees are your best ambassadors. They can also be your greatest detractors. That is why engaging your staff in your communications is so important.

We run effective employee engagement campaigns at many levels. The growing penetration and influence of social media is fueling this development; persuading your staff to act in your interest on social media can really increase the brand’s profile and credibility.

Of course, employee engagement runs far deeper than this. Do your employees have your best interests at heart? And, even if they do, are they equipped to communicate your core messages easily? Every touch point a customer or other stakeholder has with your company should result in a positive experience and deliver a coherent sense of corporate togetherness.

Our employee engagement programmes help by getting staff involved in the presentation of the brand and ensuring that what they deliver is attractive and credible. By opening up a dialogue with employees and forming company values together, they are more likely to become strong We cannot make every member of staff an evangelist for your company, but a good employee engagement programme will certainly mean that no one can unwillingly damage the brand.

Our work with Blue Group was a case in point, where we helped bring together three recruitment agencies with vastly differing cultures, styles and aspirations into one company united around a single goal.