• Social Media Services

    We give clients the skills they need to manage their own communities


Social media is quickly becoming a vital communications tool for businesses of all sizes.

Here at 360, we see social media as a way you can build your reputation, communicate with customers and other stakeholders, network with other organisations and market your services. However, like all tools, we believe it is important to use it strategically to get the best results. This is why we are dedicated to giving you tailored social media advice that is firmly centered on helping you achieve your business aims.

We offer a range of services for both novice and skilled social media users to launch or optimise their social media presence. Take a look at the services below:


Create an effective strategy and maintenance guidelines for your social media presence.

Suitable for new channels and those looking to overhaul established channels.

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Access our expertise in face-to-face sessions to boost your social media effectiveness.

Suitable for both novice and skilled social media managers. One-off, adhoc and regular sessions are available.

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Audit for established channels

Do you want to increase the effectiveness of your established or successful social media channels?

This service will tell you what you are doing well and not so well in an informative written report.

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