• Crisis Communications

    We help you keep your head when all around are losing theirs

Crisis communications is too important to be ignored.

Even with the best planning, sometimes things go wrong. Many crises are the result of events outside the organisation’s own direct control.

How you react should disaster strike will have a direct impact on your reputation and govern how swiftly, and indeed whether, you bounce back.

A good crisis communications plan will involve:

  • A thorough analysis of the risks your business might face, ranked according to potential impact and likelihood
  • A robust process for communications should the worst occur
  • The tools to monitor what is being said about you on all relevant communications platforms, including social media
  • Clear lines of responsibility and allocated roles within the crisis team
  • A staff training and scenario testing programme to ensure everyone slots smoothly into the process when necessary

360 provides crisis PR strategy, training and planning for businesses and charities. And, should the worst happen, we can put a team of experienced PR professionals together to help you manage and overcome the crisis. Much of our crisis PR work is confidential, but over the years, our team has worked with a leading welfare-to-work organisation, several household name charities, a multinational industrial company and retailers in both IT and furniture spheres.

Crisis PR Workshops

Contact us about our Crisis PR workshops if this is an area which is of interest to you.

These two-hour workshops enable businesses to explore their own particular issues and cover:

  • How to overcome barriers to good communications in a crisis
  • Techniques to monitor what’s being said about you – and how to evaluate it
  • The crisis communications process – speed and accuracy
  • Communications content and channels
  • Getting the right tone of voice
  • How to integrate communications and solving the problem
  • Gearing up your good news machine

We can create a workshop to be exclusive to your organisation or you can attend one of our own sessions in Hampshire, which are open to several businesses at the same time.