• International Copywriting

    We take that confusion out of your written words and retell stories for international companies in high quality English.

You’re an international business with operations in many countries, yet you communicate between one another in a common language, English.

If English is not the first language of most of your employees, this can make internal communications difficult, confused or capable of being misunderstood.

At 360 integrated PR, we take that confusion out of your written words (including scripts, speeches and other non-printed copy) and retell the stories in high quality English.

It might be tempting simply to get your people to write in their native language and give it to a translation house.

Tempting, but not sensible.

We do not simply translate what’s written into English. We are PR professionals, not linguists. So, we take rough English copy and add value to the content.

  • Before we start, we will create a consistent style which you want to see across all your international copywriting
  • We tell stories that support your company values and your business strategy
  • We use words and sentence structures that people will understand
  • We add clarity and challenge what has originally been written where necessary
  • We build relationships with your people so they ask for our help, trust our expertise, tell us what they know

Who will benefit from this service?

  • Multinational companies who are happy with their PR resource in each operating location but who lack an oversight function, pulling it all together
  • Companies who do not want to appoint a single, global PR agency to coordinate their affairs, because they like to be flexible locally
  • Companies who are seeking to create a solid internal communications and employee engagement strategy from which they want to derive maximum impact

Why us?

  • This is just what we do for O-I, the world’s leading glassmaker – a $7 billion company with 79 plants in 23 countries
  • As part of our PR coordination role, we undertake international copywriting for their European communications (internal and external) – 41 European locations across 10 countries
  • They have worked with our partners for over 30 years and, every year, we are delighted to do more for them