• Copywriting and content creation

    Words – whether expressed on screen, in print or spoken – remain at the heart of virtually all communications campaigns.

Great writers take a good idea and make it even better.
More enjoyable, more engaging, more persuasive.


Philip’s copywriting skills help clients tell their stories, promote their business and enhance their reputation. With over 30 years’ experience across a wide range of writing styles and media, Philip is particularly at home crafting long-form content for brand narratives and histories, technical features and articles which demonstrate your thought leadership.

People often think PR = media relations. It’s not, but that is certainly a big part of what Philip offers. Find out more on media relations here.

We also advise on and create compelling content for digital and social media. We all know how many words a picture is worth, so the modern PR specialist must also be able to create content in the form of video, animation, short-form writing, podcasting and other broadcast content.

What makes a good writer?

We get under the skin of your business quickly

We write clearly and in a style that matches your company culture

We add craft and creativity to ensure people want to read what you publish

We know the rules of grammar – and when to break them

Where something is unclear, we challenge; where it’s unnecessary, we cut; where it’s clumsy, we improve.

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