• Professional Services

The professional services sector is vital to the UK economy. We understand the issues these businesses face – after all, PR itself is a professional business service.

Campaigns go far beyond mere news. Branding, thought leadership and authority are vital to create an expectation of excellence among customers and employees alike. We help clients build the culture by which they deliver exceptional service and value.

Our skills in PR and communications strategy are honed in this environment and we have had success in the promotion of many professional services businesses including:

  • Thinkers – messaging workshops and strategy for these clever computing consultants
  • Hampshire Family Law – complete communications package and branding for a start-up business offering people direct access to barristers
  • City Bridge Dental – marketing communications and positioning for Winchester’s foremost private dental practice
  • Blue Group International – employee engagement, brand communications and advertising to grow a successful recruitment agency
  • Witcher Crawford – story generation and media relations for a high end residential architect working across the UK and overseas

Take a look at the Blue case study to see how a professional services brand can communicate strengths and brand identity in a crowded marketplace.