• Manufacturing and Technical Sector

Manufacturing is vital to the UK economy. The UK is a major manufacturing nation; the 11th largest in the world and the sector employs 2.6 million people.

UK companies are developing exciting new products in a host of markets, such as packaging, pharmaceuticals, engineering, alternative energy and automotive.

What these companies require is a PR consultancy which can write the technical copy required for the industry journals but also look beyond that to tell the bigger picture story to their marketplace, employees, local communities and government.

We help UK manufacturing companies engage with all their stakeholders to improve their investment prospects, develop their properties, attract the best staff and secure new markets. Vertical sector media, whether in print or online, are constantly looking for authoritative comment and partners for their speaking engagements and round table discussions; we define our clients’ expertise and train them to take these opportunities confidently. Message generation, strategic planning, media evaluation and crafted copywriting are all part of the package on which our clients rely.

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