• Green PR

Many companies are reluctant to raise their head above the parapet on sustainability issues. Yet, if sustainability is central to your business strategy, effective communications can set you apart and give you a distinct brand personality in a crowded marketplace. It can also add to your employer branding, so you attract and retain the best staff who share your values.

There is nothing superficial about green PR.

For instance, companies seeking public sector contracts often need to demonstrate that they both possess and are acting on a sustainability strategy as a Requirement of Entry to many tenders, so it is worth paying attention to what you can offer. You won’t get past the PQQ if you can’t articulate your position clearly.

We help organisations communicate what they are doing to reduce their impact of the environment and enhance their contribution to the community as an integral part of their overall business strategy.

Sustainable companies work with 360 integrated PR because:

  • We understand how best to put your environmental and social enterprise initiatives across – green PR is not greenwash
  • We will help you assess the value of your sustainability goals and integrate them into your business so that what you do becomes part of who you are
  • We have the contacts and expertise to source the right partners (award schemes, NGOs, pressure groups, accreditation schemes) to ensure credibility
  • We engage your employees. We will help you enthuse and involve your staff in the creation and implementation of Environment, Health and Safety and social action programmes
  • We’ll keep you focused on the bigger picture – how what you are doing fits into broad trends of sustainability and, where appropriate, leads the market

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