Why 360 integrated PR?

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It’s a good question. Why call an independent public relations practice, 360 integrated PR?

First 360.

That harnesses the power of the circle. Circles facilitate discussion and consensus; a status-free environment in which every contribution is valued. Through the centuries and across many cultures, a circle has been the shape of gatherings based on shared power and authority, not hierarchical, top-down leadership. They are a place of empowerment not control. Where listening is as important as speaking.

That pretty much sums up the role of the PR professional. And what you’ll find if you engage 360.

It also, of course, represents the circular economy. At a time of climate crisis, it’s vital that businesses seek the ultimate sustainable model; where resources are renewed and reused. 360 integrated PR serves clients who champion the quest for circularity.

And integrated?

Because reputation management takes in every aspect of an organisation’s activities and every member of its team. There is not a single aspect of your business which cannot impact your reputation. In the same way, there is not one element which cannot contribute to the success of your storytelling. We often find the best stories ‘behind the bike sheds’, hidden away in the activities of someone or some team which is not normally given the credit it deserves.

You can find more about what we do here, or simply give us a call on 02381 845025 to find out more about a different kind of Winchester-based PR consultant.

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