A taste of PR work experience leaves Ellie excited and optimistic

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This summer, we have had the pleasure of hosting Ellie Ball, a work experience student taking a break from her studies at Cardiff University. Here is what Ellie thinks about working at 360 integrated PR.

My fantastic two weeks work experience with 360 Integrated PR has come and gone in the blink of an eye. However, what I have learnt will certainly help me on the path into my future career.

I am currently studying Journalism and Communications at Cardiff University, so the idea of PR was something I was curious about yet was not entirely sure what it was all about. It was only until recently that I realised that the sector was a lot more creative than I initially thought. Content creation is a significant aspect of the job with everything from writing feature pieces to crafting media releases. Of course, research and strategy is largely involved too, but this for me was a good balance.

Some of the main things I learnt includes the way that a PR company operates and deals with both clients and the media. I also found it interesting to see how crises are dealt with, and the way that plans are formulated and put in place for this.

What I particularly enjoyed was the problem solving and brainstorming sessions after conducting market research. I spent some time delving into two potential clients and how they could improve their branding, whilst also coming up with potential PR campaigns that they could utilise.

I feel very grateful to have been so closely guided by Philip during my time here who was always on hand to answer every question I had – the fact he was sitting a metre away from me pretty much the whole time definitely helped! Isobel too was always happy to give me advice and have a chat which made for a lovely working environment.

Overall, the internship has left me feeling excited and optimistic about my post-graduation future, and definitely thinking about pursuing a career in PR.

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