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Meeting PR students: the professionals of tomorrow

Whatever your profession, it’s one of life’s privileges to speak to the next generation of practitioners. I had my chance yesterday, when the PR Student committee at Southampton Solent University organised a ‘Meet the Professionals’ networking evening for us old stagers to share some experiences with marketing and PR students. As usual, the wildly diverse […]

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6 New Year’s Resolutions for businesses new to PR

Happy New Year! Are you filled with zeal to grow your business this year? Check out our list of necessary PR-related activities and initiatives to start your year on the right foot Prepare or review your business and communications plan The saying goes that you can do anything if you set your mind to it, […]

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PRs have a duty of care to protect other creatives’ Intellectual Property

One of the key assets of a PR person is enthusiasm for the client. Companies want consultants who will push them to the fore persuasively; someone else will always have another great story the journalist could cover instead. So, it’s understandable if sometimes that enthusiasm totters over into hyperbole. As news providers, we guard against […]

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Photo of the luxury Packaging Awards - one industry award

Five tips to help you win an industry award

Entering an industry award is a great way to improve relationships with all your stakeholders and boost employee engagement. However, the difference between winning and losing often depends on the quality of the entry. This blog gives five tips to help you craft award-winning entries. Follow the judges’ criteria We’re sorry to have to say […]

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Five reasons to enter and win industry awards

Last week, one of our clients, O-I, won two of its most prestigious industry awards, based on submissions crafted for the judges by 360 integrated PR. It got us thinking about why entering and, above all, winning industry awards provide such great value for money for companies, as part of an integrated marketing and communications […]

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Mother kissing smiling baby - 360 have become social media consultants to Grobrain baby bonding specialists

360 becomes GroBrain’s social media consultant

The great thing about social media is that it gives companies, big and small, a fantastic, low-cost way to find an audience you might not have reached otherwise. Well-managed channels, when approached with a strategic mind, have the capability to raise your profile, enable you to network with others, drive traffic to your website and, […]

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A photo of 'Winchester Magazine' and 'Winchester Resident' Magazine

Winchester mags out to prove print is still alive

“Two new lifestyle magazines in print? That’s SO Winchester!” Yes, amidst all the predictions of the death of print, the UK’s first and best capital has seen the launch of two glossy city magazines within the last two years. The ‘Winchester Magazine’, now at issue 6, has recently been joined by ‘Winchester Resident’, brainchild of […]

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Helen’s free! What The Archers can teach us about social media

Helen Titchener is free. Even the most ‘The Archers’-phobic reader of this blog must have felt some sense of relief that a storyline carefully developed for over three years has come to, at this point at least, a happy ending. The issue of emotional coercion and abuse has been aired very publicly and cathartically for […]

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