Demolish to rebrand from the ground up

rotten decking

Is your company thinking of a rebrand?

I’ve been ripping up our decking this week.

It’s not a glamorous job. But the deck is rotten. It needs replacing. And we can only replace it once the old deck has gone.

I’ve had similar thoughts about business strategy.

Sometimes, we cannot create the beautiful, new, long-lasting and (we hope) sustainable reality without removing all trace of the old. Demolishing it.

However much we may tweak the proposition, adjust our focus, add new services, things will never change for the better until we dismantle completely what we had before. Anything else will have inescapable flaws, compromises, frustrations.

That’s why a ‘rebrand’ has to go much further than simply changing your logo or name.

When we repositioned 360 integrated PR as a company committed to ‘public relations for people, planet and profit’, we did not even change the name. All we wanted to say about ourselves is included in that name.

However, what we did change was our attitude and our culture.


  • No longer would we allow claims for clients’ sustainability improvements to go unchallenged.
  • No longer would we kid ourselves that our business was greener than green without an independent framework to help us improve (thank you B Corporation – we’re not ready for accreditation, maybe we never will be, but the structure you give us is amazing)
  • No longer would we put the work before our own mental and physical wellbeing or that of any staff and freelancers we worked with

Demolish the old. Build the new.

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