Subscan Technology, an underground mapping company, had a loyal but limited core of customers which had brought success in the past, but could not guarantee success in the future. Its marketing was outdated and needed to be bought up to date.

360 refreshed the Subscan brand and launched a PR influence campaign to build its customer base and increase recognition of the value of professional underground mapping services.

What we did for them

To bring Subscan up to date, 360 integrated PR took undertook a complete rebrand focused on the people, values and experience of the company, revising their logo and brand guidelines.
We combined this with a solid PR influencer campaign, designed primarily to educate potential clients about the value of professional underground mapping, which was still imperfectly understood in the construction and utilities sector. Therefore, we increased its media profile with well-researched, technical articles, educating the marketplace while increasing brand reputation.
We also introduced a social media dimension to the client’s marketing to enliven the conversational opportunities they had with their clients and the wider construction network. This involved writing clear social media guidelines and training the staff team.


  • Subscan’s greatly enhanced profile enabled them to secure significant new contracts with national clients, including its largest ever job with a leading supermarket.
  • We empowered the Subscan management and gave them the confidence to handle a wide range of communications more effectively themselves.
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