O-I Recycling

The introduction of kerbside recycling services marked a significant communications challenge for local authorities at a time when budgets were tight. One key challenge was to ensure that the change did not negatively impact those materials, like glass, which already had a well-understood and successful collection process for recycled materials.

We worked with O-I Recycling to support local community efforts and bring new material into the recycling chain.

What we did for them

We created a series of consumer education campaigns to promote glass recycling and achieve the goals of O-I Recycling and its partners, such as local authorities from whom they purchased recycled glass, waste management contractors and national government bodies.

O-I Recycling’s campaign in Stirling revolved around the home and involved the production of informative leaflets, which were delivered to every home in the district, radio and bus-side advertising to increase recycling brand awareness and the funding of a community recycling officer to visit residents and answer their questions about the new doorstep scheme.


  • O-I’s educational campaign helped Stirling Council increase colour separated glass recycling by over 30%
  • “360 has worked with O-I for many years and the team has never lost its enthusiasm or creativity. They have helped us win awards and develop our business, becoming and integral part of our UK operation in the process. Their knowledge of our business environment means that they are able to take on media projects with minimal briefing, and deliver great results.”

    Paul McLavin, Marketing and New Business Development Leader, O-I UK

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