Lullaby Africa

Lullaby Africa is a small Hampshire-based charity which helps traumatised and disadvantaged mothers, fathers and carers in Kenya and Uganda to bond and form a healthy, natural attachment with their babies and toddlers.

360 integrated PR directs the charity’s communications and marketing. Our partner, Isobel Tutt-Leppard, is chair of trustees for Lullaby Africa and travels to the continent once or twice a year.

What we do for them

The communications campaign has two linked objectives:

  • secure donations
  • encourage UK supporters to attend the charity’s events

360 sourced a very cost-effective website, which we update regularly with fresh content. We also produce literature for the charity and manage their social media feeds, encouraging trustees and supporters to post their own content onto Twitter and Facebook. We will soon be helping the charity launch an Instagram profile and a YouTube channel.

We also set up interviews and keep media engaged with the charity’s activities in the UK and overseas.


The charity takes knitted teddy bears to give away as toys for the children, so we placed a feature on Lullaby Africa in one of the UK’s leading knitting magazines. As a result, the charity received enough new teddies to last for two years. Trustees were also given the opportunity to visit knitting groups to talk about their work, which has led to continued support both financially and in kind.

We have used social media to help Lullaby Africa engage with other organisations involved with children in the countries and to find further academic connections to boost the scientific understanding of the team.

We have also advised on merchandise pricing and placement, which doubled the revenue raised from sales at fundraising events as the charity expanded its reach into Surrey.

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