Hampshire Family Law

Hampshire Family Law, a new start up direct access legal collective, came to us when the business was just an idea. Over the next few months, we helped them find a name, craft an identity and launch a new website to put this new unique business on the map.

What we did for them

When, Imogen Robins, the founder of Hampshire Family Law came to us, the business was just a vision and concept. Imogen had identified an untapped market for Direct Access legal advice for family law cases and wanted to provide services to capitalise on this.

From these early days, we worked with Imogen help her find a way to communicate her offering. With the service providing a new, direct away of accessing a barrister (without a solicitor), her brand needed to explain the legal system and the direct access service in language a typical member of the public would understand.

Working on a tight budget, we helped craft an identity for the new business. We came up with the name ‘Hampshire Family Law’ and worked with the designers at Frost Creative to create a logo, materials and a user-friendly website. Throughout this process, we worked with Hampshire Family Law to ensure all copy was accessible and developed a ‘What is Direct Access?’ section on their website to facilitate public understanding of this new legal offering.

We continue to work closely with Hampshire Family Law and offer regular communications advice on an ad hoc basis.


  • The business is flourishing, with several direct access cases coming to the barristers in the collective as a result of the Hampshire Family Law brand
  • The client is confidently writing and posting authoritative blogs to boost the brand’s search profile
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