City Bridge Dental

City Bridge Dental is a private dental practice, based in Winchester, whose dentists provide top quality and specialist treatments. The partners briefed us to create a brand proposition and PR that made them stand out from the competition in the south of England and establish their reputation as experts in innovative dental treatments.

Over the past three years, we have comprehensively managed brand positioning and marketing communications for City Bridge Dental, including creative, media planning, media relations blogging, social media, website management and copywriting.


What we did for them

When City Bridge Dental came to us, they looked like any other dentist. Their previous agency ran very generic dental advertisements which did little to convey the unique nature of the business.

We worked to get under the skin of City Bridge Dental and its staff. Through a series of staff focus groups, we distilled the core values of the practice into the simple phrase “Protect, Enhance, Restore”. This concept guides all materials created for City Bridge Dental.

To increase awareness and understanding of City Bridge Dental, we launched an advertising campaign with eye-catching pictures, shedding the clinical dental imagery for something more memorable and approachable.  Editorial and advertorial placements highlighted the specialist nature of the practice and its investments in advanced treatment options. This campaign ran in carefully selected local lifestyle publications read by the practice’s target market. Following the success of this campaign, built on this with a campaign focused on dental care as part of a healthy lifestyle in 2015, which expanded to incorporate sponsorship of Winchester Criterium and Cyclefest.

We continue to enhance their reputation using a broad range of activities:

  • We improve their use of owned media, giving them a voice through social media and regular blog posts
  • We develop a closer link with patients through online surveys and branding feedback
  • We built their reputation in Winchester by orchestrating their sponsorship of the high-profile Winchester Criterium cycling event and attendant publicity opportunities
  • We guide the design process and write copy for all literature to ensure communications are consistent
  • Soon, we will launch a new City Bridge Dental website.


After its first year, City Bridge Dental commented that the marketing efforts had bought in a great number of new patients. The new campaign continues to bring in patients and build the practice’s reputation across the city.

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