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Is it right to reject clients on moral grounds?

Just how far should we impose our own moral standards on our clients? It’s a business decision which has profound spiritual, moral and legal implications. In his 2022 Reith lecture on freedom of worship, former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams finds a moral distinction between an individual being forced to do something and  that same […]

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long table with people facing audience at COP27

Media weighs up COP27

Media reaction to the end of COP27 was interesting for the divergent tone of different outlets. Several – notably the Guardian and FT – highlighted the failure of the conference delegates to agree to fade out the use of fossil fuels. The strength of the oil producing lobby was seen as a major stumbling block […]

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Is it worth trying to create an iconic brand?

Iconic. It’s one of the most abused words in the English language. Particularly by marketers. Is it worth setting out to create an ‘iconic brand’ or does it just happen if you get the rest of your marketing right? Iconic beer of Italy? Birra Moretti is that latest brand to say it sees itself as […]

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Plastic recycling failures prove it should be the packaging of last resort

  Here we go again with plastic recycling. I’ve just read another plea on behalf of the plastics industry that their materials are great for the environment if “the right material selection, design, and end-of-life approach is adopted.” Therein lies the rub. Glass, steel and aluminium are simple to recycle and the consumer knows what to do […]

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jar of coins with plant growth out of top

Is growth needed to create a sustainable, inclusive economy?

Growth. Business demands it. Consultants promise it. GDP growth, productivity growth, sales growth. Where would we be without it? That question hit me when I read a recent pronouncement from global business consultancy, McKinsey. On the surface, you could map their ideas on ours. We say PEOPLE    – PLANET – PROFIT. They write about INCLUSION […]

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Santa Claus

Why a PR adviser is on 2/3 of firms’ wish lists this Christmas

A new survey from the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) has shown that 7 out of 10 businesses see ‘reputation’ as one of their top 5 risk factors over the next three months. The ‘CIPR Business Leaders Survey’ captured the views of 300 C-suite level managers and directors on their PR functions and their future needs […]

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rotten decking

Demolish to rebrand from the ground up

Is your company thinking of a rebrand? I’ve been ripping up our decking this week. It’s not a glamorous job. But the deck is rotten. It needs replacing. And we can only replace it once the old deck has gone. I’ve had similar thoughts about business strategy. Sometimes, we cannot create the beautiful, new, long-lasting […]

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Upgrade internal communications as power shifts to employees

The headlines from the latest Edelman Special Report – The Belief-Driven Employee has focused on staff pick jobs based on beliefs. The reality is something deeper and even more enthralling – the pandemic has accelerated a shift in power from employer to employee. And employees are using that power to drive corporate social action. As […]

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home worker on conference call

Seven ways to improve employee communications in a hybrid workplace

Companies committed to employee communications want the best for their teams as well as their customers, the planet and investors. Covid has shown the advantage for businesses, people and the environment of working from home or remotely from the office. Yet the office is not dead. New hybrid work models are emerging. In this blog, […]

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