• Our Values

    Our approach to client communications is based on providing a voice of reason in an often chaotic world.

We get under the skin of our clients to ensure every campaign we produce addresses the unique issues each one faces and their target audiences.

To start with, we ask the right questions to ensure our clients understand the strategies they need to adopt, in all their business practices, to ensure success. We recognise that many owner-managed businesses find it difficult to differentiate the wood from the trees, so deep in the forest are they and so hemmed in by circumstance and experience, so we provide an essential outside perspective to make it easier to focus.

Once the strategy is agreed, we collect and craft the stories which address those strategic priorities.

Our tools are words, pictures and video.

Our promise to our clients is that every public relations campaign and project we recommend will be:

  • Strategically coherent
  • Creatively differentiating
  • Honest
  • Crafted especially for them
  • Designed to create sustainable growth

Every campaign will have an impact that is measurable and advance business goals. Otherwise, why would you embark on such a venture?

To find out more about how asking the right questions can transform your PR and integrated marketing activities, give us a call.


We are members of:

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  • Our Environmental Policy


360 integrated PR is determined to meet the issues raised by climate change. Sustainability is not an add-on, it’s everything we do.

carbon smart badge

That is why we became one of the first local companies to become accredited by Carbon Smart Winchester and have now progressed to Silver status. Part of this accreditation includes publishing an environmental policy, which you can see by downloading this PDF. 

If you are interested in launching sustainability initiatives or Green PR as part of your communications strategy, we offer expertise to businesses of all sizes. Check out our Green PR page for more information.