• Why should I use PR?


Public relations is about reputation. Our PR guide will help you get the most from your communications and enhance your reputation.

You cannot, despite what some people will tell you, control that reputation, but you can influence it. The question is, what will you do to ensure, as far as is in your power, that the reputation that sticks to you is the reputation you desire?

A strategic, targeted public relations campaign helps to build that reputation, to tell your side of the story. You can do much yourself, but a PR consultancy may be able to do so much more. Whether acting as your total communications service or augmenting your in-house PR team, perhaps by undertaking special projects, a consultancy like 360 integrated PR should be an extension of your management; you should not be able to see the join.

We know that many business people have an in-built reluctance to call in PR consultants, which we will explore here.


  • New to PR?


If this is your first contact with a PR consultancy, we know it may be a bit daunting.

You may not even know exactly what you should be looking for. At 360, we start relationships slowly to build trust and understanding. We are happy to start with a simple project, which may lead to larger scale work. The important thing for us is to really get under the skin of your company, to put on your coat and live your life so we understand where you have come from and where you are travelling.

And have no fear, if we are not the right agency for you, we will tell you. We will even help you find a more appropriate partner (we have done it before: shortlisting and helping clients interview other agencies as their needs change).


  • Once bitten, twice shy?


You may feel you have been ripped off or not had the right fit with an agency in the past. We often hear it.

“They were all over us like a rash for three months and after that we could only get through to the intern” or “They promised us the world, but the only coverage we ever got we had to pay for.”

We are different. Because every plan is crafted based on your business objectives, we have measurable criteria agreed up front. Because the owners are the heart of the business, you will have one point of contact and won’t get shunted along an ever-changing team of account executives. Because we want to nurture a long-term, mutually beneficial relationship, we keep delivering.

If we don’t think we are the right agency for you, we will say so. That’s because our reputation matters too. We have long client retention. For instance, we have worked with O-I for over 25 years, Bradbury’s for 9 and that is far more than the industry average. This is because we are picky and we do our best work for people who really want to work with us.


  • Overwhelmed by it all?


Have you been appointed to do your company’s PR just because you have shown some aptitude or interest?

It happens all too often. People asked to do the PR with no experience or training as some sort of adjunct, addition to their main role.

Do not despair. We can train in-house staff and work with you to ease you into the role. We will work as your PR partner on a project basis to create a comprehensive communications plan for your business and give you the confidence and the tools to deliver it.

Best of all, of course, we will be there to support you and pick up any issue which is stretching you a bit too far. Contact us to find out more about this unique service.